Il Vortal dedicato allo sviluppo ed alla diffusione di sistemi xNuke in Italia Il Vortal dedicato allo sviluppo ed alla diffusione di sistemi xNuke in Italia
Mar 18, 2019 - 00:00:00  
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Temi: Two great free PhpNuke themes
Posted by: Harla on
Ciao tutti

Kalgash Themes has released two new FREE Themes, Tobacco and GreenShadow.

All the themes comes with matching phpbb Forum Style and can be previewed and downloaded in our Downloads Section at

Visit us at



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Posted by: fr4 on
E' stato inaugurato il sito demo di XARAYA ;P

Per coloro che volessero provarlo possono recarsi all'indirizzo <a href= target=_new>

Note: tente conto che ancora il lavoro è in alpha
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Posted by: domenico on
Rilasciata in download la versione di Banner Modules 1.0 compatibile con PostNuke (ver. 0.723 Phoenix), che prosegue nel lavoro avviato con il Banner Block .

BANNER MODULES consente una gestione ottimizzata dei banner, sia in blocco che standard : cioè poter "agganciare" i banner a specifici moduli permettendo quindi delle esposizioni mirate in base al modulo utilizzato.

Permette inoltre di utilizzare qualsiasi tipo di banner : Banner con immagini, Banner Flash, Banner in Html permettendo quindi di utilizzare anche banner particolari (Flash) e banner tipo scambio banner (html),.

La registrazione per effettuare il download non è più necessaria, anche se sarebbe molto gradita

dal sottoscritto ;) ....

Per il download e ogni altra informazione vi aspetto su <a href= target="_blank">Vivituscia


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PostNuke Mourns Loss of Lead Developer
Posted by: Francesco Bozzotta on
Greg Allan a.k.a. Adam_Baum, the lead core developer and one of the four founding members of the PostNuke CMS Development Project passed away from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The accident occurred June 16, 2002 near his home in Meaford, Ontario in Canada.

Greg Allan was a humble and personable man who always downplayed his considerable skills. He was a self-taught coder who contributed to every aspect of development from cleaning up other people's code to writing new and innovative software.

Greg was an invaluable asset to the PostNuke development team, and a dear and trusted friend and co-worker to people on every continent.

Through this first year of PostNuke's existence, Greg's personable and giving nature has been a guiding light and inspiration to many people and projects that have shaped the development landscape and social personality of the PostNuke project.

Surviving Greg are his parents, Bob and Leone Allan, his brother Brian, his girlfriend Kim along with her two children Kristin and Kassandra, his dog Chevy, and trusted friends Dean and Natasha.

In memory of Greg and out of respect for all those mourning his passing, all PostNuke development and official support activity has been suspended for one week. We urge all those using PostNuke to post a copy of this article on each of your PostNuke-Powered sites to commemorate the memory and accomplishments of Adam_Baum. Please refer your condolences and comments to the <a href= target=_new>memorial article on

For funeral arrangements, flower delivery information and memorial contributions, please email

On behalf of the PostNuke Development Team,

Steve MacGregor (grape)

Support Operations Manager

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YANS: Nouveau - Support
Posted by: LaurentS on

Du Nouveau chez

Dans le but de faire découvrir à nos membres ces merveilleux systèmes de portails ( Nuke, PhpNuke, MyPhpNuke, Xoops et autre...) nous avons ouvert aujourd'hui un site de Support ou ils trouveront toutes les informations nécessaires à l'élaboration de leur projet.

Logiciels, modules, thèmes, trucs et astuces, annuaire de liens, etc...

Nous vous invitons donc toutes et tous à venir poster vos articles, ajouter vos sites dans l'annuaire, proposer vos thèmes, modules, etc...

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POST-Nuke 0.7.1
Posted by: Francesco Bozzotta on

In <a href=> you can try the new release of post-nuke...

Good Navigation ;)

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Nukers: the greatest Team on the whole net!
Posted by: Francesco Bozzotta on
Nukers: the greatest Team on the whole net! thanks for your engagement!

Nuke- community; it is a synonym for a globalwork: Bridging Distance, Culture,&

Hello Nukers and PostNukers (i want to point out the link between the nuke-
groups) on this great site here!

Already every day, thousands of Nukers from 5 continents (around the world;)
meet each other here to share their knowledge and ideas!
The global Nuke-community of users, contributers is by far the most impressive
experience I ever made in Internet! Nukers work and progrmme on the modules!
They work in a big global team! They provide each other with IDEAS,
inspirations, support and new moudules and themes! Nuke-communities are known
in many many languages and countries (more than 30)! They work in global,
regional, or national teams! The Name *Nuke* is spread
all over the whole world! Hundreds of support teams work and contribute!

Nukers communicate and cooperate across cultures, and to hurdle
multiple time zones and they have a good goal; The developement of the Nuke-
content-management system! Nukers from all over the world build a trust among
team members scattered from Montreal to Tokio from Oslo to Capetown
(southafrika) ...who have never met and are never likely to?
Here and on other Nuke-Sites they communicate and share knowledge
due to their self-interest on the specific topic; Nuke-Developement and support!

The global Nuke-group manages a great thing! The developement and support
never stops!
Alltogehter there is a great amount of working hours?
The Nuke forums and the Nuke-Modul-developers and the Nuke-Support-Sites are
spread over the whole world: in more than 25 languages and countries
the whole community is known as a global knowledge-community!
The Nuke-community is well known as a globalwork of knwoledge- and idea-

i am very happy in this great and good community! Nuke rocks!

Many thanks to all of you here!! You give me inspirations every day!

Keep up the great work!

My hat is off to you!


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Posted by: TiMax on
Ok ragazzi è fatta, tempo che la propagazione dei dns abbia effetto e sarà online

<a href="" target=_new>

Dopo tutte le parole che sono state dette scritte replicate sull'Open Source ho deciso di passare ai fatti ed aprire un sito dedicato ai problemi dell'Open Source in Italia, è mia intenzione inserirci su questo sito possibilemente con l'aiuto di altri, informazioni, aiuto, link, risorse su tutto quello che riguarda l'Open Source in Italia ..... e forse finalmente dare un nome ai signor TDN Copiatori in giro a cambiare copyright ...

Naturalmente tutti gli aiuti sono ben accetti sarebbe mia intenzione creare una squadra di moderatori in modo da concentrare le informazioni ed anche in modo tale da non portare via troppo tempo ad ognuno, diciamo che ognuno ci mette qualcosina ed il sito si arrichisce ...

Tutti quelli che sono disponibili ed interessati possono scrivermi a


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Temi: New theme for Planet-Nuke 2002
Posted by: Francesco Bozzotta on
Put in area download the review of the Yoda topic, shaped for
Planet2002, to you I waited !!
notes: Only recorded customers

Jedi Webmaster

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New portail integration!
Posted by: Anonymous on
Hello all! Then here is I have decidé to help the novices who understand nothing in postnuke or whom they do not want embarrasé!

So I concocted for a Whole it ONE!

It is about a gate(portal) based on PN0.64 But with it more some girls moddifs:

XForum, Guestbook, dantopsite, LookTv, Newsletter etc. etc.... Of integré and also a heap of blocks and the other modules which I installed(settled) for you!

It(he) is enough just of installed(settled) the base upgradé files and it is quite cool not! But it is possible that there are there bugs sic!! Then said him(it,her) I OK! You can found the whole it one here ++ all

Ps: every franchisee at most indeed on! "
The site is here <A href="" target=_new>INCONNUE TEAM

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