Il Vortal dedicato allo sviluppo ed alla diffusione di sistemi xNuke in Italia Il Vortal dedicato allo sviluppo ed alla diffusione di sistemi xNuke in Italia
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PostNuke Rogue release is on the road;)
Posted by: Anonymous on
hello all here in this great place; hello all Nukers an PostNukes

just wanted to let you know what the fine guys of postnuke did: they released Rogue!

John aka niceguyeddie mentioned recently;

"The Rogue release is here. Many bug fixes have been made over the Preview Release. Thanks to all that reported the bugs, and thanks to all that fixed them. We managed to get the SourceForge bug tracker down to 4 bugs, so kudos to the team. Special thanks to Gregor on that as well, for the management of the Bug and Feature Request tracking.

Most of this post was made last weekend with the release of the Rogue Preview, however some of this is for a refresher. Once again, let me caution you that the Rogue is a different way of thinking about users and permissions. It does take a little bit to get used to, but the system is very flexible for you to control your permissions of your website. This release also shores up a security problem with the "Authors" password. All passwords are encrypted, regardless of system. We are moving away from cookies once and for all next release to completely remove any possibilities of security problems with the use of cookies.

Anyway, enough of the warnings and other general information, on with the fun stuff and explaining the changes and giving credit where credit is due. I'll try to briefly touch on the changes in the system, but as always I will manage to forget about 50 changes and 50 people that need to be recognized. My apologies in advance for that.

-- Permission System -- Jim McDonald. The new system gives you unlimited depth to "user groups". Gone are the days from having the separate admin and users system. The new system unifies these and allows you to give or deny special access to any user. You can deny certain areas of your site to an unregistered user, or the entire site altogether. You can also set your groups so that even when a user registers, they have to have their group access upped by a site admin. There are really quite a few possibilities now with the user system, that will only get better by the end of the Rogue Cycle.

Note, most third party plugins will need to be upgraded to the new system, hence the need for the preview. Any third party plugin that uses the admin will definitely need to be upgraded with the new permissions.

-- DB Abstraction -- Ryan and Pablo -- Ryan did the hard part with the original abstraction in PEAR, and then we changed directions and went with ADODB. The abstraction is done in a very professional manner and does not add much weight to the script. As Ryan went through the original time he also cleaned many of the queries that we were using, which has improved performance greatly! Pablo is now the ADODB expert, and has also written a great guideline for developing with ADODB and is posted in the sections on this site. We are hard at work to make the install file ADODB compliant as well, with Rogue.sql's coming for supported DB's very soon.

-- Multi-Sites -- Sebastien -- The long talked about MultiSites mod is here. What this does is allow you to run a single codebase with several different domains. We run it on this site, and it works quite well! All of the support sites and all run off the same single instance of postnuke codebase. This allows for very quick updates, and global changes through sites. It's also an excellent tool for ISP's or small companies that would like to offer hosting. Read the docs in the multisites module. Great work on this one!

-- Language tool -- Pascal -- For those of you that work hard on the translations for your PostNuke site, there is a new tool for you. The language module goes through and finds the missing defines in your language files and generates a report and a temp directory for you. It's a great tool, and I have just begun to play with it.

-- Wiki and bbcode -- Sebastien -- Still working on this a bit, but you can now use wiki code formatting with your article submissions.

-- Install writes to config.php -- Scott. A long asked for feature. The install file now writes to the config file during installation. This only works for fresh installs currently, but we will get it working for upgrades as well. With the install writing to the config file, we have also encrypted the SQL password and username, to harden security a bit.

-- MD5 Passwords -- Alley -- Now all passwords in the users table are encrypted with MD5. This is a much tighter security for you windows folks out there, and better than the old crypt method as well. Now with the admin table gone, your admin users have their passwords encrypted.

-- index.php redirection -- Tim (I hope I didn't forget who did this!) -- As you notice, the index page now doesn't redirect to the modules start page, it simply loads it. You still have the option of selecting your start page.

-- New admin schema -- Pascal -- Still a work in progress, but we are moving away from the multiple links / case / module files for admin modules. An example can be found in the language module.

-- Better theme arrays -- Jim -- I posted the doc on this yesterday, but take a look at the PostNuke theme for them in action. Very elegant code!

-- user.php modularized -- David. The new system is very much like the current admin system. David did a great job in modularizing the user.php file so now you can have custom user modules.

-- MPN Upgrades -- Michael -- Upgrades from MyPHPNuke now available, along with upgrades from PHPNuke 5.2 and 5.3.

Enjoy the first release of the Rogue Series. There is quite a bit more coming in the Rogue Series so fasten your seatbelts!

end of citation!

all the best wishes

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Hosting mod for Rogue? some thoughts about a kewl solution;)
Posted by: Anonymous on
hello all; Homepage-engine on Rogue possible ...

in the thread on
<a href=""target="_blank">

hosting mod for Rogue! some people talkin about a nice module,

... "I've been trying to locate a mod for Rogue that could be utilized to provide users with free Web homepages (like Geocities, etc)... no such luck;)
Is anyone is developing it or something similar? Thanks."

Re: Hosting mod for Rogue?(Score: 0)
by mherald on Nov 30, 2001 - 02:39 PM
mherald: Someone is working on this, but they said it will not be available
until Rogue is out. My guess is that they are still perfecting
its use of permissions and may have it out when the final .7 is released.

Re: Hosting mod for Rogue?(Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Nov 30, 2001 - 02:39 PM
yup we too are making this block.....we host 40k
websites and give email. our new site will be launched at
the end of next week....take a look then. i will post my mutant version then.... see here at <a href=""target="_blank">

and another guy:
Out of all the mods available this is the one I need.
Please inform us as soon as a Mutant is ready,
I would even take a Red Headed step child version :)

end of citation;....

see more at
<a href=""target="_blank">

and on the..
<a href=""target="_blank">homepage-engine-story

also here: a german solution;
<a href="

all my best wishes to all of you here
great site

keep up the great work ;)

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(inet-) community - networking - some advantages for Nukers;)
Posted by: Anonymous on
hello Nukers from Nukeitalia!

being happy that so many Nukers work togehter!
I am very glad to be in a big community! It is very good that we stand together and work together! This speeds up the devlopement!

"Networks that support the construction of communicating groups create value that scales exponentially with network size [..] As the scale of interaction grows more global via the Internet, isn't it possible that a combination of social capital and GFN capital will drive prosperity to those who recognize the value of network structures that support free and responsible association for common purposes?"

Read more here or below! ( - text extension!!!!)

<a href=""target="_blank">Artikel

and here the full <a href=""target="_blank">Article
"Networks that support the construction of communicating groups
create value that scales exponentially with network size [..] As the scale of interaction grows more global via the Internet, isn't it possible that a combination of social capital and GFN capital will
drive prosperity to those who recognize the value of network structures that support free and responsible association for common
purposes?" .... [..]... "Note: an earlier version of this essay was prepared as an
online supplement to an article in Context magazine published in Spring 1999]
Bob Metcalfe, inventor of the Ethernet, is known for pointing out that the total value of a communications network grows with
the square of the number of devices or people it connects. This scaling law, along with Moore's Law, is widely credited as the stimulus that has driven the stunning growth of Internet connectivity.
Because Metcalfe's law implies value grows faster than does the (linear) number of a network's access points, merely interconnecting two independent networks creates value that substantially exceeds the original value of
the unconnected networks. Thus the growth of Internet connectivity, and the openness of the Internet, are driven by an inexorable economic logic, just as the interconnection of the telephone network was forced by AT&T's
long distance strategy. This strategy created huge and increasing value to AT&T customers, based on the same (then unnamed) law of increasing returns to scale at the beginning of the 20th century. In the same way, the global interconnection of networks we call the Internet has created huge and increasing value to all its participants. But many kinds of value are created within networks. While many kinds of value grow proportionally to network size and some grow proportionally to the square of network size, I've discovered that some network structures create total value that can scale even faster than that. Networks that support the construction of communicating groups create value that scales exponentially with network size, i.e. much more rapidly than Metcalfe's square law. I will call such networks Group-Forming Networks, or GFNs. Even if it's not your business to supply communications services, your business participates in many networks perhaps the most important are supply networks that
allows access to and bidding among suppliers and distribution networks that allows
access to and competition among customers. The structure of these networks or market
spaces, especially the value of the connectivity and relationships produced in these
networks, can play a crucial role in defining the value of your business. If you can
manage or influence the networks that connect you to suppliers and customers to create
more value for all concerned, that extra value can be used as a competitive weapon. So paying attention to network value is a crucial strategic issue, especially as businesses move their customer and supplier relationships into the 'net.
What kind of value are we talking about, when we say the value of a network scales as some function of size? The answer is the value of potential connectivity for transactions. That is, for any particular access point (user), what is the number
of different access points (users) that can be connected or reached for a transaction
when the need arises. As a simple illustration, consider a phone that can call only 911.
A customer for such a phone buys it because of a low probability future need to call for
emergency help; in fact, the customer probably takes other steps never to need to use the
phone. But the existence of a lucrative market for such phones indicates that customers can
value potential connectivity to a single point, even though the connection is never used.
Potential connectivity to many points should have value proportionally larger, since it is
not necessary to use the connection to find value in its availability. The value of potential connectivity is the value of the set of optional transactions that are afforded by the system or network. Economically, the value of each optional transaction is like a financial option (e.g., the value of an option to buy a share of stock at a particular price). To simplify the model and focus on scaling, I'll assume that the value of any particular optional transaction in a network comes from a distribution that does not depend strongly on the number of participants in the network.
Metcalfe's law, simply derived, says that if you build a network so that any customer can choose to transact with any other customer, the number of potential connections each of the N customers can make is (N-1), giving a total number of potential connections as N(N-1) or N-N. Assuming each potential connection is worth as much as any other, the value to each user depends on the total size of the network, and the total value of potential connectivity scales much faster than the size of the network, proportional to N."
ende of cits.-

and another nice text here;

"Boom! That's the explosion of online communities on the Web. It used to be that surfers went online strictly for information. Now, users seek interaction: to argue, to vote, to play--even to
fall in love. Online communities are springing up on sites ranging from the portals to the mom and pops. Why the charge toward community? That's easy. Traffic: Though the Web grows by 50 percent per year, popular online communities expand at 20 percent per month. Communities are sticky, they're viral, and they drive traffic." Found; hmmm at, i think!

nice text or not?
all the best wihses to everybody here!
cheers matz
keep up the great work here I love this site!

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Moduli e AddOn: Flash Calendar Module v1.0 Released
Posted by: Anonymous on
Yet another Flash enabled module for the nuke portal system, a fully dynamic Flash/PHP/MySQL Calendar module! You can now Add or Delete events through the admin panel.

You can see it in action and download <a href= target=_new>HERE

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tic tac tic tac tic tac ... Rogue conutdown .....;)
Posted by: Anonymous on
Niceguyeddie on
<a href=""target="_blank">PostNuke early this moring;

Just a quick note on the planned release for the Rogue. I am looking over the CVS right now, and it is coming together and is very close to being release ready, so read on for the plan.

I intend on releasing a "Rogue Preview" this weekend. There are some things that need to be changed from the modules side to work with the Rogue and the permissions system. The theme system also has some new calls to be updated.

For this reason I am going to release a Preview Package for the module and theme developers. The system has undergone some major rewrites since the .64 release. We have touched every file probably 5 times with complete system changes.

This Preview release should be ready as early as tomorrow, and at the latest this weekend. The system is quite different with the permissions and will take some time to learn if you are use to the old admin system. I would recommend installing the preview as a test only and not on a production site, until you are used to the changes.

We are doing some final touches on the install file and trying to locate as many bugs as possible in the meantime. I appreciate everyones patience in this release, since it has taken us a bit longer to get to release ready than normal, but I think that you will all be pleasantly surprised with the changes.

More on this tomorrow, as we update this site, and Steve updates the documents for the Rogue! "

greets to all at this great site - nukeitalia is really great!


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Moduli e AddOn: WebChat v0.6 Beta
Posted by: God on

I have made a little modification (very very little) for use <a href= target=_new>WebChat 0.6beta in PHP-NUKE.

<a href=>Click Here to download it

Bye FR4

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..."I'm sure your CMS is a full step into web revolution;)"
Posted by: Anonymous on
thoughts of a guru on PostNuke "I'm sure your CMS is a full step into
web revolution, not comparable even
with microsoft .NET technology."

hi All,

in an very new article on

<a href= target=_new>

you can read the following words from a spanish developer, Pablo:

"I m Pablo from Spain. I'm a developer since I was 12 -now I'm 21- and
I'm now involved in
web development. I'm sure your CMS is a full step into web revolution,
not comparable even
with microsoft .NET technology.

Since I was ever a microsoft tech expert (traditional developer), my
experience with web
programming is almost nothing (in fact negative: MS-Frontpage).

The situation is that I have created a popular (>100,000 downloads)
peer2peer mp3 sharing
client, and all I implemented in my web was a simple ASP forum.
Now, with an extremely fast growing community, I need to give them much
more service and
content (>5,000 visitors/day), but I am the only working on this. I
designed the peer2peer
protocol, developed the client, did the commercial work, and now I'm
pulled to creating a portal
knowing nothing about web dev. nor PHP.
I'm really happy to have found you. Postnuke is really a very top level
commercial software but
it's a community-driven development.

As a guru in closed/commercial development, I see clearly that there is
one thing that could
boost up your project to the mass at the speed of light. The key is to
say in a single document
(an article, a static HTML anywhere...) what can postnuke do and how can
be done. Of course,
not all, but the basis, which can be valid for both, newbies and gurus.
I think that postnuke is difficult to describe in a
paragraph...(PostNuke is a Weblog / Content
Manag...). I'm sure that if there were a place to read -simply- what
can be done and how to do
it with postnuke, a bunch of new members will grow the community. The
key is that this doc will
respond to the questions:
- Can postnuke do what I need to do in my site?
- Can postnuke do it the way I need it?
As both answers are YES in ALL cases, success is guaranteed."

PH: oh, my program is blubster,, and I'm trying to implement my own portal in <a href="" target=_new> liks to documentation and windows2000-IIS how-to for postnuke are welcome! :) "

end of citation

read more excited comments on this guru
thoughts on:
<a href=""target="_blank">

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php-Nuke closes: evolution and developement has to go on!
Posted by: Anonymous on
hello italian Nukers hello NUKEITALIA,

her the top-news of the day:

Just wanted to let everyone here in this great site know.
Nukelite closed the dynamic page - he decidet to leave us with a bulletin board;((
Maybe it's just me, okay but I would predict a very big flood of
new PostNuke-users from this direction of the PHPNuke site.
here is pretty much just the forum for user problems and all interaction.
Version 5.3 of PHPnuke was released today als: okay but where can we discuss the stuff!?

please can we discuss whats going on: what should we do!?!?

nukedevelopement has to go on
ll my best wishes

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POST-Nuke has opened - a new reossource is here:;
Posted by: Anonymous on
Hey ho Nukers und PostNukers from Nukeitalia, TEP-Nuke, hello Nukers from Italy!!

Adam Baum from the PostNuke developement-Team just anounced today the latest
and hottest news of this autumn: Christmas is here;))
Check back There you
can read it; has opended;)
Adam Baum writes: "Unbelievably, yes, the fine folks at are
letting you open one present waaay before you should...
The newest addition to the family is ready: []
Releasing a block? Announce it there. Have a question? Hey, fire away!
Want to have some fun?
Your one stop shop for anything relating to PostNuke blocks.
One rule though: Have fun!
Drop by!

See you there.
adam baum"

(end of citation)

new hot services from
Have fun;
best wishes to all

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PostNuke-documetation central starts ;)
Posted by: Anonymous on
hi PostNukers from Italy, Spain ...

Steve MacGregor the coordinator of PN-Documentation-Central
is very active! Last week he started a international Campaign for this cooool PostNuke-documentation-project,

Steve..."; we have got to move something here, ...[...]... and we can start by beginning to move some fingers and get the feedback flowing. We need to have as much activity as possible here at Documentation Central to make this project work. We need your thoughts about how we can better structure this documentation site. Lets take this site to a true multi-lingual level.
I want to assign one site administrator per language to be responsible for coordinating the documentation efforts for their respective language. To be successfull in this project we need to have a continuous and dynamic translation and documentation effort supporting the developers and end-users on a global level.
Please post any comments or concerns you might have! ... [mehr unten ...]

.... und weiter meint STEVE: "..Similarly, this is not an elite developer-only project site. documentation in such an open environment DEMANDS active public participation from people of every possible skill level and speaking every language. The key to this is to take all of the information pertaining to PostNuke from
every possible resource, binding it together in a user-friendly, efficient and catagorized fashion so that we can ALL benifit, now and in the future, from our work on this project.

We need your thoughts about how we can better structure this documentation site. ...

steve MacGregor"

(end of citation)

wwoouhh - coool Project - for all nations for all languages, for italy, spain and so on! (forza italia)
kind regards

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