Il Vortal dedicato allo sviluppo ed alla diffusione di sistemi xNuke in Italia Il Vortal dedicato allo sviluppo ed alla diffusione di sistemi xNuke in Italia
Feb 24, 2019 - 00:00:00  
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module-developers for PostNuke: the chances and opportunities ;)
Posted by: matz on
Hello Nuker and PostNuker from Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and France

Michael, the project-manager form, the central module-outlet from PostNuke recently wrote an article on

"Are you a developer working on a module for a Post Nuke? Need more resources?
This is what
has to offer you:

  1. Mailing list, so you can talk to other developers on any issue or ideas
  2. CVS, so you can track your module fixes & bugs
  3. File Downloads, we can place your module package for download on our
    SourceForge site. You don't have to worry if your site is up or down, or about bandwidth.
  4. Standards, keep upto date on the latest changes to PN Modules, and keep your standards in tact.

I'm sure there are other benifits here as well.


(end of citation)

well it is important to know the expanded possibillites of support!
Sourceforge-support offers a lot of opportunities and chances for the module-developers!

perhaps all Nukers can benefit from this: Nuke evolve!

all my best wishes to this site and its users
great site-good concept : Forrrzzza ITALIA

keep on going like that!

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Moduli e AddOn: the modularity of user.php : a most wanted ;)
Posted by: Anonymous on
Hello Nuker and PostNuker from Italy, Suisse, France and Germany

the Modularisation of user.php - a most wanted ;)
-Traduit de George from

the modularity of the USER.php seems to bring
times back a genuine step in the PostNuke development! This to improve, is at present occupied with distance the one the most important innovation, like the current polling
on the from the Nukers and PostNukers!: "

(translation: george: !! thx for that)

recently Alley a PostNuke community-member wrote

"finally I released my first module!

Your Account module does exactly the same as the your account page of user.php BUT it is extensible!
You can download it <a href=""target="_blank" tareger="_new">right here
(you can get support there too) in our 'Downloads' section. To install... just unzip the zipfile to the modules directory... That's it!
The module works just like the Admin.php.... except it searches for 'user' folders in the modules folders
in stead of 'admin'. In those folders you can place links to put on the user's control panel.
The reason that I created this module, is 'cause I'm working on a module collection named 'myPortal'.
For this I needed the User's your account page to be extended... I figured it would be better to
modulize it at the same time :).
The myPortal modules will give a personal portal to every user. Keep checking this site for release-info.
I hope this yourAccount module will be included in the official PN-modules project and shipped with
future releases of PN.

Enjoy all!

Mail you questions to:
Alley "

end of citation

enjoy PostNuke
enjoy live
greets martin

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Moduli e AddOn: xChat v1.1 for POST-Nuke
Posted by: God on
In download area is disponible the porting of xChat v1.1 for POST-Nuke.

<a href=>Click here toDownload it.

Thanks to <a href=>TUD (Stefano)

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Moduli e AddOn: Nukepack moves to PostNuke
Posted by: Anonymous on
<a href= target=_new>NukePack provides major enhancements for postNuke/phpNuke portal developers and webmasters.

Main features are:

  • <a href= target=_new>NukeBrowser: a web browser module to integrate the whole web into your site.
  • <a href= target=_new>NukeSearch: a versatile, modular search engine for global and local search.
  • <a href= target=_new>NukeGallery: an enhanced mutant of My_eGallery to integrate multimedia into your site.
  • NukeIllustrated: in conjuction with NukeGallery your news and stories can be accompanied with images and other multimedia files, multicolumn supported.
  • <a href= target=_new>SiteNews: an automated, modular site news generator.
  • NukeSuck: a unified RSS feed generator will provide you with news from any regular portal even with NO RSS/RDF service.
  • <a href= target=_new>NukeGames: a modular, easily expandable game integrator.
  • <a href= taget=_new>FamilyTree: the unique interactive Geneweb genealogy program has been seamlessly integrated into phpNuke.
  • NukeTickers: an alternative to blocks. Any block can be used as ticker. Ideal for headlines.
  • <a href= taregt=_new>NukeMembers. Detailed userinfo, sortable by location, name, regdate, last visit, image, icq, yim e.t.c.
  • <a href=download.php?op=viewsdownload&sid=1&orderby=dateD target=_new>Mutant_64 core for (c)NukePack. This modification of postNuke core is intended to improve modularity mainly for developers and "cool hackers".
  • Streaming Chatblock for xChat: Provides live chat in postNuke sideblock synchronised with fullfeatured chatbox.
  • OldBlocks for postNuke: This enhancement allows you to use old phpNuke 5.x "file" type blocks in postNuke.

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Nukeitalia PostNuked !!!
Posted by: God on
 We have started the migration to POST-Nuke !!!!

In the future we 'll release the postnuked version of xchat, autoindex and tep-nuke.

Regards FR4

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KingRichards first speech on
Posted by: Anonymous on
<td width=10px> 
hello Nukers from Italia,

Today KingRichard from held his first speech on

This is a kind of historical speech in a historical moment! Lets face this;

Great changes happen in these days;:

KR says:" First of all I would like to thank the PostNuke development team (especially NiceGuy Eddie, Hzink, and Michael) who are accepting me with a welcome arm. It is good to be here and hope to give PN another boost in developing a better CMS. It took me sometime to understand PN, but surely more user friendly, stable, secure, and modular.

My current plans are:

  1. Port all NukeAddOn (OP)
  2. Polish all the current AddOn
  3. Start a new Advance Private Messages (OP)
  4. Start WYSIWYG HTML editor for entire PN system (OP)

I still have more plan on my mind, but this four will be my first project. Once the project can run I will
drop into the CVS and hope to have others developer help me out :)

Stay tuned


YEAPP- we stay tuned great news - we all stay very tuned; this i going to be a very very hot winter!!!

very very active and productive - great news

best wishes to all of you!

forza italia


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developement: -news
Posted by: Anonymous on
<td width=10px> 
hello Nuker and PostNuker from Italia,

KingRichard from has offered some news: On the new designed Site (now running on PostNuke-system you can read;

"PostNuke Support Only will not support PHP Nuke and will support PostNuke instead. The CVS developement have been freeze and will be drop soon. All downloadable files will also be erase, so if you need to grab the latest PHP Nuke version please do so. The reason behind it can be read here.

Currently no package have been release for PostNuke, but rest assure that I'm working as fast as I could to have the new NukeAddOn soon. So please stay tuned.

Two current package that are available at PostNuke CVS are Weather and Glossary addon."

please read on for more on

greets matz

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POST-Nuke supports PostNuke
Posted by: Anonymous on
<td width=10> 

Hello Nukers and PostNukers from Italy, Switzerland and Spain


Just have a quick look on <a href="" target=_new>

It runs on PostNuke - supports PostNuke and King Richard writes on Saturday on:

<a href="" target=_new>

"Well, everyone have been wondering why I left PHP Nuke. So here is my explanation, recently FB decide to go back to his old style and dismantle the CVS team. With that decision I also drop my support for PHP Nuke. So for the next released NukeAddOn will only be available for PostNuke. I already port into Post Nuke. Its still buggy, but hey it work. Two modules complete port are Weather and Glossary. The rest will follow."

just go there and have a look

well some dramatically changes came up! All my best wishes to FB (of course) but also to the rest of the whole community!

may the work go on - EVOLUTION ;) on NUKE .....

all my best wishes to all of you



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the latest news from the PHPNUKE - DEVELOPEMENT
Posted by: Anonymous on
<td width=10px> 
Hello Nukers and PostNukers from Italia, Yugoslavia, Switzerland and Spain, two messages out of the phpnuke-developement-Group!

the first one was published on by Florian Bruckner, a member of phpnuke-dev-group

He received a email from KR (

the email content:

"dear All,

This is the saddest day for me to say. FB decide to close down the CVS team.

So please do not update it anymore because it will be deleted soon. As the

CVS team assistant project admin I'll thanks all of you who have been workin very hard and hope to be with you again soon.

Again sorry for this news. Should you have more question feel free to contact me at


KR "

please read on ... at <a href= target=_new> : there you get more information about it!

------------------- snip ----

here another news- from the phpnuke-projectmanager GARY MITCHELL... found on <a href="" target=_new>

you can read there:

"PHP-Nuke Development Team Disbanded 10/18/2001 1:11PM

The PHP-NUKE developement team on Source Forge was disbanded today. The CVS repository will also be deleted soon.

FB has decided that he does not want Open Development and feels he's more productive working alone. I don't know if the bug fixes and modification made by the team will be in the next release or not. Nuke will still remain Open Source but core development will be done by FB only. I respect this decision as it's his product.

I've joined the Post-Nuke team as I feel that 55 developers can develop more than one. I like the vision and direction of this project.

Gary Mitchell

PHP-Nuke Project Manager"

as you can see on the mailing-List of postNuke-developement the developers now swithch over to the pn-dev.-Group.....

Hopefully they keep up working on the Nuke - Developement!

all my best wishes to all of you!


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PostNuke and mult-db-capability: some steps forward;-)
Posted by: Anonymous on
<td width=10> 
Hello Nukers, and PostNukers Italia,

Ryan Fife u. Paul Edmondson two british guys from <a href="" target=_new> came up a big step with the


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